Sitting outside the bakery 

I’m sitting outside the bakery as my daughter is at the doctor and if I concentrate really hard, I can just about see the neenish tarts. 

They’re my favourite and as it’s kind of approaching dinner time, I’m a bit hungry and could quite easily sink my teeth into one. 

I’ve never made neenish tarts, I’ve made caramel , lemon and jam tarts alright though. 

You see what I’m doing here. I’m torturing myself. I guess I could have one if I walked it off or did a million sit ups but I know in my heart I’m going to go home, pour a large wine and sit down.

I will be walking all over Melbourne this weekend though!! I was completely spontaneous and, having got an unexpected day off work tomorrow, booked a mini trip to Melbourne with my daughters!

So excited for all the eating, shopping, and being cultured and hopping on and off trams and strolling around Fitzroy, searching out Melbourne’s best burger, people watching having coffee down the laneways,  taking millions of photos which will flood instagram no doubt. 

So I’ll forego my neenish tart this afternoon and save myself for Melbourne.

These were afternoon tea in the QVB recently, not a neenish tart in sight, but very delicious. 

It was great to get a little selection of petit fours without having to get the full afternoon tea as we were not long after lunch to be honest and just wanted something a little sweet to have with a cuppa. 
This was on the first floor, The Palace Tearoom and was beautiful with gorgeous plates and cups and saucers.