Quick ‘n’ tasty noodle soup

It’s official. It’s winter in Sydney and time to start making comforting soups and casseroles and time to dust off the slow cooker. 

This recipe is far from slow. It’s super fast and easy and thoroughly delicious and warmingly satisfying.

Few ingredients for maximum value. There’s nothing more to say but share the recipe which I made up as I went.


Instant sachet miso soup

Two cups boiling water

One portion of instant ramen noodles 

Two handfuls of spinach

One egg


In a pot on the stove on a medium heat dissolve the miso in water

Add noodles, spinach and stir

Break egg into the middle, cover the pot and simmer for a few minutes until the egg is cooked as you like it

Eat straight from pot

Instagram a photo and tell everyone how good it was